i'm erick pérez

👨🏽‍💻 Web Developer & 👨🏽‍🍳 Amateur Chef

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web development

I have more than 5 years creating web apps using PHP and JS. My expertise is creating a really cool user interfaces.

web design

If you want to update your site or if you want to create a great product or service, I can help you to reach it.

backend development

Do you need to persistent your client data? I can help you to create a really secure and functional API Rest.

Job Experience

Frontend Developer

Tendbe Project

April 2020 - Present (Part-Time)

Implement UI components and web pages using technologies and the tools such as Material UI, Styled Components, CSS, SASS, HTML5, JavaScript, Typescript, React, Redux.

Collaborate with UX team and developers to design wireframes, prototypes, and proof-of-concepts

Work closely with the product, design and engineering teams to conceive and implement new features for users across our stack

Develop code primarily in Javascript using strong software engineering tools and techniques such as git, GitLab, docker, CI/CD and unit testing

Develop and implement screens and service logic for the application

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Featured Projects



TVP is a regional television corporation with local identity in northwestern Mexico. They are backed by more than 50 years broadcasting, shaping a strong, dynamic television with a spirit of service to society.


Figma Prototype

This is the figma prototype example, I created the user interfaces and add really cool stuff. This was a little project to practice my HTML, CSS and JS skills. This website was created using Gatsby and React, and I consume the Unsplash API to obtain the photos used in the project.


Erick Perez's Portfolio

This is my personal portfolio, where you can find how to contact me, some of my work and experience such as Web Developer. In future, version I want to integrate my own cooking recipes, stay tuned!


Fundación Grupo Alerta

It is a Foundation created in 2019, which supports various social assistance institutions for the benefit of the communities of northwestern Mexico, showing a special interest in education. The objective is to offer scholarships to outstanding students who do not have the resources to continue their studies.


Blockbuster Movie Catalog

In this project is to re-create a simple React library using only Vanilla JS. In addition, I built a Redux and Style Components API also, with the same stack. The objective on this challenge was understand how JavaScript works before I use different JS frameworks to use them.

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